Apache Leads Review – Real Time Redirect Leads

Apache Leads Review – Real Time Redirect Leads

An exciting new lead service for network marketers is now available at Apache Leads.

Yes many lead companies have real time redirect but read on dear reader to learn why these ones are by far the best in the world!

First allow me to explain what a real time redirect lead is.

When a lead is sent to the customer the same time its generated it’s called a real time lead.  Then what Apache Leads does is send the lead to the customers website / landing page.  Instantly the lead is now able to discover great information about the customers business opportunity!

But wait, it gets even better

At the very same time as all that is happening, Apache Leads enters the leads contact details into your very own FREE Autoresponder.  How cool is this?  Very.  You can automatically be sending a whole email series to the lead all about your business.

Hows this sounding so far?

Pretty damn good I’m thinking.

But that’s still not all.

The same time this is all happening you will receive an SMS text on your phone with the leads contact information.  You can call them just seconds after they signed up!

No one else on this whole planet is offering a lead and backup like this

Apache Leads Review
Apache Leads Review – Real Time Leads


Apache Leads Review – Real Time Redirect Leads – Don Reid founded the site way back in 2003 maybe even before you had an email account.

Don learned early in his network marketing career that it’s important to help the new people.  They need guidance and leadership.  Most importantly they need quality leads and good scripts.

Don wrote a book called “Winning MLM Phone Scripts” which he gives away free to anyone who wants it on ApacheLeads.com

The other thing Don did was invent the no bad lead guarantee. He took all the risk away from his customers, he carries all the risk.  Any bad leads are replaced free of charge.

Apache Leads Review – Real Time Redirect Leads – go to the site and check them out now

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