Apache Leads Review – Premium Australian Leads

Apache Leads Review – Premium Australian Leads

One of the most popular leads provided by Apache Leads needs an Apache Leads Review – Premium Australian Leads.

The ever popular and very unique Premium Australian MLM Leads.

What the heck are these leads?

Good question. They are the only Australian phone verified and surveyed mlm leads in the world. Each lead has completed a form requesting information about a home business.

After that information is received by Apache Leads, the leads are called on the phone by professional calling agents.  They are interviewed to determine their real level of interest in a home business.

Apache Leads Review

They are also asked about their motivation level, how much time they can commit to a new business and the range of money they have available to invest in a business.

Not all of the leads qualify, only the best become Premium Australian MLM Leads.

You can be assured that you are speaking with real leads when you call these folks.

No one else is providing this premium level of lead, even though some others call their leads “premium” what a joke.

A sad joke where they basically sell junk leads and take the clients money

Apache Leads Review


Apache Leads Review – Premium Australian Leads –  Don Reid a seasoned and successful Network Marketer founded ApacheLeads.com in 2003 to provide top quality mlm leads to his downline.

The word soon spread and Don had to quit his MLM Business and focus solely on hit rapidly expanding leads business.

His experience in building huge networks taught him the importance of quality leads and helping new people get started properly. That is why he freely offers his book “Winning MLM Phone Scripts” to everyone on his site.  This book helps new people get a good confident start on the phone.

He also knows the importance of removing all the risk from his customers, that’s why every lead he sells is guaranteed.  Any bad leads are replaced free of charge.

Apache Leads has been a leader in the world of mlm leads since 2003 and continues to provide excellent service and risk free leads


Apache Leads Review – Premium Australian Leads – we hope this review was helpful to you


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